Parrot Gallery

Parrot  Gallery is a project of artists and musicians worshiping at Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster. Art exhibits are open for downtown Lancaster First Fridays and by appointment with church office. Regular gallery talks are scheduled with each featured artist.

Upcoming Show

Branches, art educator Beky Weidner
Friday, November 3, 2017, 5-8 pm
with an opening reception and live music by Larry Penner and friends

The Parrot Gallery features “Branches,” watercolors by art educator Beky Weidner, on First Friday, November 3, 2017, 5-8 p.m., with an opening reception and live music by Larry Penner and friends.

The title, “Branches,” serves partly as a nod to the many trees in this exhibit. But it also is a reference to the country roads Weidner bikes, which branch off into smaller roads and paths.

Beginning last fall, those bicycle trips also caused her to branch off into this new artistic path of watercolor. Previously, most of Weidner’s home studio work has involved printmaking, stained glass, and ceramics.

A Lancaster County resident for over 20 years, Weidner only more recently began her country roads bike explorations. When driving down many of these roads at 50 miles an hour, she admits she had never really seen them. The pace of pedaling, along with the immediacy of being out in the open air, focuses her on many new compositions. Biking also made Weidner acutely aware of the shallow (and not so shallow) rises in the road, the direction of the wind, the temperature, and the changing seasons.

The fall provides saturated brilliant hues, blue skies, the green-gold of the corn right before harvest, and often perfect biking weather. The starkness of winter in dark January–aside from a rare fresh snowfall—makes the quest for beauty more difficult. But vibrant color always follows the dearth of winter with blooming trees and flowers. Life seeps back into the warming days of summer, along with the opportunities to explore new places.

Beky Weidner has spent the majority of her career teaching art to high school students–her first ten years teaching at Lancaster Mennonite School and now this fall resuming her educator role at Lancaster Country Day School, where she teaches ceramics and sculpture. In between, Weidner spent a few years at home with her children before working as a designer for Ten Thousand Villages.

“Branches” runs from November 3 through December 31, 2017.
The Parrot Gallery is open on First Fridays and Sunday mornings. 

Appointments can be made during the week.
Call 717-392-7567


Mary Lou

Artist Beky Weidner

Corn Before Harvest

Mary Lou

Corn Crib

Tree and Hay Bales on Peace Road

Aspen Grove

Blue-green Fields

Two Silos